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Light Computer

Light calculations are not always easy and accessible. At IVLibrary we like to see this differently. We have invested in our own light computer, this computer makes it possible for everyone to easily start making light calculations.

Many parties in the MEP sector work with Autodesk Revit, with this in mind we have had our light computer built directly into this software. Our light computer communicates 1:1 with Revit’s API. Calculating, installing and rendering lighting is done with 1 simple push of a button. With no to minimal learning curve.


Luminaire book generator

In addition to designing lighting, a lot of time is spent explaining the fixtures used. After all, every customer wants to know which luminaires will be installed in his or her building. Not a day goes by that we think back to the time when we explained all luminaires one by one in a Word file.

IVLibrary has a large number of fixture models, all data of these fixtures can be found on the product pages. We used this data to create our luminary book generator. Simply press the ‘Add to luminaire book’ button and the luminaire will appear in the luminaire list to be printed later as a beautiful PDF file.

New models every week

IVLibrary continues to add models. Every week our content employees are busy adding new BIM Models. We will continue to do this!

are you missing a model? Please let us know and we will soon ensure that it is added to our range. In this way we continue to develop according to the wishes of our users.